Senise is a very ancient town in Basilicata, in southern Italy, in the province of Potenza, perched on a hill that dominates beautiful valleys fitted with a luxuriant vegetation., On the land that spreads out here and ripened by sun and wheat, you can see ancient oaks, olive groves, vineyards and crops of all kinds. The color of the sky is reflected in the mirror of the turquoise little lake of the dam of Monte Cotugno, giving a very spectacular view to the visitors.


Senise is now mainly an agricultural center dedicated to fruit-farming and horticulture. In particular great attention is given to the cultivation of the Zaferano (I.G.P brand) now famous internationally. Also important is the production of local cheeses such as caciovallo and sheep’s milk cheesepeperoni-di-senise-in-polvereSoppressata, a typical pork salami of the area, is also appreciated abroad. There are many producers of extra-virgin olive oil and wine, particularly from the vineyards Aglianico, Sangiovese and Malvasia. (From “the noble family of Crocco” The Noble Crocco Family by Cristina Palumbo Crocco)